The Update #30 – Eat, Sleep, Travel, Retreat

by Jasper and Lonneke
15 November 2021
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After we had already spent three beautiful days exploring last week, we continued this week.

On Sunday we immediately decided to take Eva on an adventure and threw both Nicolo and Eva in the bus and drove back to Teide. We had already spotted a nice walk last week and we went for it after work. We walked between the most beautiful rock formations with a view of the Teide and the other beautiful mountains that surround Teide in a ring. It wasn’t a long walk but it was a really nice way to get to know Eva and Nicolo even better and the views were beautiful. Along the way, of course, we had to stop regularly for photos and for a short flight with the drone. The weather was really great for this walk and at the end we were treated with a beautiful sunset. On the way back down we passed a concept store where Eva and Lonneke had already been the day before. It is quite rare to come across a hip shop here in Tenerife, but this was a really hip shop. They all had local stuff like wine, whiskey, beers, as well as clothes and art. It was almost closing time, so the owners had all the time for us and we chatted and drank beer with them for a long time. Eva went home with a bag full of souvenirs and Jappie with a bottle of Canarian Whiskey made entirely from ingredients from the islands. After chatting here we drove further down to a pizzeria that Amanda and Davide had already recommended to us several times. We really had to test these pizzas, but unfortunately they were a bit disappointing. We had to wait a very long time and when they served them they were almost cold.

The next day after work we went to Las America’s, mainly to surf but unfortunately there were no good waves to surf on. So the four of us chillt on the beach (+Nicolo and Eva), afterwhich Amanda and Davide also came down in the evening to have a picnic on the beach. Lon made a pasta salad in the bus and we ate it on the boulevard. We attracted a lot of attention as a group, but at the same time we also had a lot to see. It remains a very special place. In the evening the rest drove back to the finca, but we stayed down to sleep so that Jap could hopefully surf the next morning. Fortunately this was the case, Jap had a nice surf session and Lon turned over in bed a few more times. We had a cup of coffee, did some shopping and got ready for a new road trip, but this time we left Nicolo at home and Eva went with us. We drove north again but this time a bit more towards the middle of the north coast. Along the way we made some must see stops for Eva. Amanda had provided us with a detailed step-by-step plan for our trip, however we couldn’t find some of the spots or we found some spots that were disappointing because you had to pay to look at beautiful balconies.. But luckily we also found some nice surprising other spots. We strolled and had a drink in La Orotava, after which we drove to the beach Playa el Bollullo. The parking lot there belonged to a restaurant but we live by the motto: ‘you can always ask’, we asked if we could leave the car here overnight to camp. Not only did they approve, they took us to a private parking lot where we had the parking space to ourselves. We were really glad we asked because it really was a perfect spot. Very satisfied we walked along the cliffs down to the beach, while walking there were warning signs everywhere that you had to watch out for the strong current. When we saw the water we understood why, the water here was very rough and the water was pulling very hard. Not really water to swim in, but we sat on the beach until the sun went down. Because the temptation was so great and because Eva treated us, we went for a nice meal in the restaurant. The dish with locally and freshly caught fish was recommended to us by the waiter so we thought we’d try it and it was really delicious. We have never eaten such delicious fish. Although we had to switch gears when the fish were on the plate with head and tail, but the first bite made us totally forget about that small detail. We licked our fingers and ate everything down to the last crumb. To end the day we played a nice game in the bus and made the bed for Eva… in the front seats of the bus… don’t worry, it was completely voluntary, we didn’t force her to do it, although we didn’t offer her a place in the bed between us either. We collected everything that was soft and resembles a pillow and tried to make a nice nest for her, and surprisingly we succeeded quite nicely, she gave it a score of 6/10 which is quite good we thought.. Although breakfast in bed may have influenced that score a little bit.

The next day we adjusted amanda’s schedule a bit, we drove to Puerto de la Cruz to go to an outdoor pool. We had already seen this pool from a vantage point in our previous road trip with Nicolo and were very curious. Amanda doesn’t think it’s worth a stop but we felt like swimming in a pool so gladly made an extra stop. However, it was quite cloudy and therefore a bit chilly, but we just felt like swimming so that’s what we did. Stupidly Jap took a splash with the car keys but luckily they still worked.. After swimming we found a lovely tapas restaurant where the tapas menu varies every day, which was noticeable because the food was really so deliciously fresh. Eating a finger-licking meal two days in a row… it couldn’t get any better!

Then we drove on to the next beach, where a waterfall ended on the beach, we looked around for a while. Eva played in the water and Jap and Eva showered under the waterfall. It was a lovely beach, but the water was again very rough here, so we enjoyed the view and then drove on. After this we made a few smaller stops, one at a beautiful tree and at Masca to show it to Eva, “because we where so. close.” Unfortunately it was already dark when we arrived and we had just missed the sunset and the view.

We played games all afternoon on Friday and also in the evening we continued this with tapas and wine because it was Nicolo’s goodbye, he is going to another Workaway place. On Saturday we went to the rock pools together with Eva, in between all the activity, taking it easy before the hectics of the retreat starts because we don’t know if we still have time for many trips.

Lots of love,

Jap and Lon

Tasks of the Week

This week was dominated by the preparations for the retreat. From Saturday we will host a whole group of acrobats at the Finca for two weeks. It is a collaboration with another finca where most of the retreat takes place, but we will take care of all the catering. Furthermore, we mainly continued with sanding and painting the frames.

Spendings of the Week

Budget per day €54 and per week €378 and per month €1700

What/WhereCost (€)
Eating out102,90

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