The Update #43 – We got Stuck

by Jasper and Lonneke
6 February 2022
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Last week we already said that this week the sensation would return with the arrival of Enzio and Rianne. Well, it did and in ways, we didn’t expect.

The sensation started already in the morning when we received a message from Roel and Susanne if we could come to them with our tow rope because a camper very close to them got stuck in the sand. We had to chuckle a bit then, not yet knowing that the same fate soon awaited us. We helped them out along with another truck and we quickly got them out. After which, we stayed with Roel and Susanne to chat with a cup of coffee in hand in front of their bus. However, it soon got very hot so we decided to move into the lagoon. We pumped up the sub and the floaty and floated in the water for a while. And then suddenly it was 5 PM and, since I had promised Enzio and Rianne lasagna upon their arrival, it was time to start cooking.

It was very nice to see Rianne and Enzio again. During the time that we have not seen each other, we have kept in very close contact with a voice message of +10 minutes almost every day. Yet we had missed each other. haha.

We liked chilling in the lagoon so much that we wanted to repeat it the next day. But now we timed it so that we went into the water at high tide so that we could paddle. Jap, Enzio, and Rianne went on the sup together and Lon followed in her floaty. It was nice and we had a lot of fun playing all together in the water. We could have played in this lagoon for days, but we had other adventures planned. So we packed up the cars and drove to the southwestern part of the island.

This part was only accessible by driving over a dirt road for 1 hour. But we were rewarded with beautiful rugged views. Jap and I went for a run, which was also pretty rough but beautiful. At night, unfortunately, it became a bit too rough for Rianne and Enzio. Where the wind was quiet in the evening, it started to blow very hard again at night. And so hard that they couldn’t stay in the roof tent and decided to sleep in the car seats…

The next day the wind hadn’t died down yet. But despite the storm, we decided to go for a walk, because Jap and I had only seen a small part but that promised a lot. We walked a long way along the cliffs, in some places there was not a very clear path but that added to the feeling of adventure. And we needed an adventure mode for what awaited us later in the day. I hinted at it in the beginning, but we got stuck. Very very stuck…

We drove to our next destination at Cofete beach. A kilometer-long sandy beach enclosed by beautiful cliffs. The road to it was beautiful and we had received a tip to drive past the parking lot and find a nice place to sleep. That went perfectly for a long time until it didn’t go well anymore. Haha. Jap and I were leading the way and we had just crossed a slightly higher dune, and that went well with our bob. But Enzio and Rianne, with their 4×4 car, got stuck there. We all thought a little too lightly and thought we would have the car out in a couple of minutes because it is such a small car. But they turned out to be a bit deeper in the sand than we thought. And despite a lot of digging, putting stones under the wheels, and pushing it hard, we did get it out a little bit but not enough to get it free… So we thought we would pull it out with bob or at least use bob as an anchor point to get it out with the ratchet. But we were just a little too far away to do that from there. So Jap tried to move Bob closer. And you guessed it… Bob got stuck… So then we had two cars that were all stuck. We dug for more than 2 hours and tried to get the cars free, but it only got from bad to worse with Bob. But luckily after 2 hours help came. Jap saw park rangers with their very big heavy 4×4 car. They could certainly help us and after a lot of convincing, they helped, although they didn’t do this wholeheartedly. They had Yeti, Enzio, and Rianne’s car, out very quickly. But Bob didn’t go easy. The rangers were also stuck at one point, but with their special car, they were released fairly quickly after some shoveling. In the end, Bob was released to loud cheers from us, but unfortunately not unscathed. The protective covers under the car were stuck on the sand and were therefore full of sand and due to the great pulling force it tore out from under the car, but luckily they were only protective covers, we can easily replace them as soon as we are back in the Netherlands. Enzio and Rianne wanted to take an afternoon nap as soon as we reached the camp place. But due to getting stuck and the adrenaline released during the rescue attempt, an afternoon nap was no longer necessary.

The next morning we took a very long beach walk where we also had a look at the battlefield of the day before, luckily we could all laugh about it. Then we walked on to a rock in the sea from where we had a beautiful view of the beach and the beautiful cliffs but also a few other cars that got stuck. That lifted our scragged ego a bit, luckily we weren’t the only ones who made this stupid mistake, although we had been warned.

We decided to drive back to the Lagoon a few days earlier and continue where we left off. Float and cool off in the water. In addition to Roel and Susanne, the other ambulance and fire brigade buses were now also there, which was very nice.

The next day we continue the more souls the better atmosphere. Fleur, a friend of Rianne’s arrived by plane on the island, so we went to pick her up. And to celebrate her arrival we went back to the delicious pizzeria where we had been before.

We had saved a few things that we wanted to do together with Enzio, Rianne, and of course, Fleur, and luckily everyone happily went along. So we took them for a walk to a rock formation and caves by the sea. We walked a bit, chatted, rested on the beach, and watched the ground squirrels annoyingly get fed by tourists everywhere you go, even though it says very big not to do that. It was a very relaxed day.

We closed the last day of this update as it should be. Nice on the beach and the surfboard in the sea. We chilled the whole day on the beach and played Eva’s running game. Another perfect day in the books.

We slowly count down to our days at home and the start of the Panamericana trip, eight more nights of sleep!

Lots of love,

Jap and Lon

MondayRoti a la Ramon
TuesdayMinestrone Soup
WednesdayGnocchi a la Rianne and Enzio
FridayChili sin Carne a la Rianne and Enzio
SaturdayHome made Pasta with Mojo sauce

Spendings of the Week

Budget per day €54 and per week €378 and per month €1700

What/WhereCost (€)
Eating out52,80


Driven kilometers: 417

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