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by Jasper and Lonneke
11 maart 2020
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Hi, welcome to Mr and Mrs Travel. We are Jasper and Lonneke and this first post is just a small rambling about what our thoughts are for starting the blog. Just giving you a short introduction on what you can expect to find up here in the future. The main focus of the blog will be about travel and our DIY van build. We really love to travel and I recently popped the question to Lonneke in the Philippines and she said yes! Since then we are planning our wedding but we are planning a big honeymoon trip as well which we will update you on later, just going to keep that one under the hat for now. We decided to name the van we are building Bob. The name of our van comes from another travel we did in 2016 (pff feels like ages ago) when we went to New Zealand and Australia for 6 month. During the end of this travel we stayed for a couple of weeks at a campground in Kuranda (near Cairns in the North of Australia), the Billabong. This campground was cheap and basic, just how we like it. And it was in the middle of nature with the best caretakers ever, Sharky (why Sharky, that is a another story) and Lisa, his wive. What was really great about this campground was the fact that there were so many animals, a lot of kangaroos, guinea fowl and big lizards. When Sharky introduced himself, his wive, the campground and all the animals, he also shared all the names of the animals. So, this one is called…. Bob and that kangaroo over their is called… Bob and you see that small guinea fowl there his name is… Yes you guest it… Bob. So, in honor of all the animals, Lisa and Sharky, we have named our van Bob. That place really felt like home and is one of our fondest memories of Australia. 


The main reason for me, Mr Travel (as to be honest it is mainly my urge to start this blog, but I will get the Mrs on board as well), to start blogging is documenting the things we are experiencing and also being able to share this with you guys in an easy way. We got inspired by people we follow on YouTube, like Trant and Allie and The Nomadic Movement, who’s videos are fun to watch. And I read the blogs of Jackson Groves a lot, which were really helpful when traveling through the Philippines. However, we do not make the illusion that we will be any were close to these guys but we really like to document our thoughts and experiences. 

Bob getting a scratch

We would love it if you leave comments, tips or inspiration on the subject of travel or van building or send a message on Instagram or Mail. Below you can find some of our favorite pictures from past travels and also of Bob.

Selfie with Sharky
Bob climbing the tree
Selfie with Bob
Relaxing on the Billabong

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