The Update #3 – Three…Two…One….Here We Go!

by Jasper and Lonneke
3 May 2021
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We are on our way. The last two weeks were filled with activities, no time to relax yet. In the first jobless week we worked hard to get the bus finished. Kas (our camper neighbor) helped to install a heater, make our imperial sides removable in order to better fit in a shipping container and helped us to hang our spare tyre under the car. Without Kas we would not have been able to do this, so we are incredible grateful he was able and willing to help us. We also discovered that we needed to change our timing belt thanks to Gijs, a wonderful mechanic recommended to us by Kas. He also took the time to explain us about maintenance of our van, as we want to be able to do some small maintenance on the road.

Last week, our second jobless week, was mainly focused on cleaning the house, packing Bob and saying goodbye to all our loved ones. The days were long and filled with a lot of to do lists, a littlebit of stress and a lot of lasts. The last time seeing friends, the last time making fun with our neighbor boys, the last time seeing our parents and the last time sleeping in our own home. It feels really surreal, it almost feels like we are doing around trip in the Netherlands to be home by supper. But it is real, we started our long awaited adventure and for the next year and a half we will definitely be on the road. The realization will come in the coming days/weeks, but we smell freedom. 

Until the next one, let’s see were the van is parked then. 

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