The Update #12 – A slow one

by Jasper and Lonneke
7 July 2021
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This story is a little different from all the other stories so far. We left Sweden and are now back in the Netherlands. The past week has been a slow one for us. We have been doing a lot of highly needed maintenance and cleaning on the van and ourselves and most importantly visited some of our friends and family. To be honest, we don’t have a lot of exciting stories. To end our experience in Sweden on a good note we have compiled a few practical facts that struck us about Sweden in a different post (which you can find here). However, let’s pick up where we left off.

We already told you last time that we were on our way to the Netherlands by car. And what a journey that was. 1.5 weeks ago we were on the boat and we had driven 2000 kilometers and only drove from the north to the south of Sweden. The boat trip took 3.30 hours from the south of Sweden, Trelleborg, to the north of Germany, Rostock. We were able to work on the update along the way. Once we arrived in Germany it was time to start our last trip to the Netherlands. Another 700 km on the highway and then we were at Jap’s parents. We were really fed up with driving. We really needed to drive a lot, but in the future, we will really do it differently. It’s just not fun anymore to sit in a car for 3 days 10+ hours a day. But with a combination of podcasts, some sleep, chatting and just staring out the window, we filled the time and it was for a good cause. The first stop was at Ruud and Felice, Jap’s parents. They have just moved and live beautifully at the Hoge Veluwe National Park. We had a lovely walk here, spotted some wild boars and had a nice dinner. The next stop was Utrecht, Jap was allowed to get his shot here, but that was very late in the evening so we went for a visit and had a bite with our dear neighbors. Very weird to be so close to your own house but not be able to enter it. That same evening we drove on to “camping de bengeltjes” a.k.a. Lon’s parents. We have stayed here from the remainder of our time and, as said, we have done a lot of much-needed maintenance. Jap has replaced the oil and the oil filter, everything has been freshly washed again, we have done some little adjustments to Bob and above all we let ourselves be pampered. As nice as it is to be here, we are also really looking forward to get on the road again. And then you wonder, where are they going?

The agriturismo in Italy, we approached through Kas and Danique, did not have enough work for two more workawayers, so it will be Norway! Yesterday Jasper got another corona test done, which was negative, so we can enter Denmark. Although saying goodbye is never easy, we are happy to be on our way to Denmark. We will stay there for about a week until Jasper is also officially vaccinated, which is two weeks after his injection. We are really looking forward to it and are really looking forward to going back into nature again. And despite the fact that we both had a “need” for guaranteed sun, it is also wonderful that it is not so hot and you are able to enjoy hiking, which is what we prefer to do.

  1. We zijn heel benieuwd en kijken uit naar jullie belevenissen in Noorwegen! Een heel mooi vervolg van jullie avonturen – deel 2!

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