The Update #34 – BrakeDown

by Jasper and Lonneke
5 December 2021
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While we are writing this new update for you, we are sitting outside in the sun enjoying the wonderful weather. We don’t realize yet that it’s already December and it’s Sinterklaas and Christmas time. Even though we did something about this at the end of this week by dusting off the Christmas decorations and putting up the Christmas tree. But the beginning of the week didn’t start so sunny, we finally started to understand why they have a fireplace here at the Finca. It was relatively cold, so we put on sweaters and even beanies and we also lit the fireplace every evening. It was another week with ups, old acquaintances at the Finca, and downs.

Amanda had come up with another itinerary for our weekend. As it had been a while since Jap had surfed, we decided to drive to Playa de Las Americas on Monday evening so that he could go surfing the next morning, after which we would begin the itinerary. Only while driving down we immediately hear a strange noise. It was also a sound that you do not want to hear when you’re driving. We soon found out that the noise was mainly there when we brake, which we have to do quite often as we are driving down a mountain. Shit… Brakes are essential, especially when you’re driving in the mountains. The days off did not become an expedition across the island, but a search for a garage that could help us. Fortunately, we arrived safely down at our sleeping place at the Playa. The next day, Amanda gave us the name of a reliable garage, but unfortunately, he turned out to be on vacation. Just looking up another garage on the internet didn’t feel right, we didn’t want to risk a bad repair especially because it was about the brakes. So we decided to go to an Opel garage here on the island. Luckily the dealer had space very quickly and we were able to visit the garage the next day, unfortunately completely on the other side of the island. Of course, it was still the question of whether we could get there in one piece. Lon was already thinking up whole scenarios and thought for a moment that maybe it was better that only one of us would go if the brakes gave out then only one of us would die…. A bit dramatic of course and when we go then we go with the two of us. We spent our entire free Tuesday watching people on the Playa and having good food. We walked a long way over the boulevard and because there were no waves at all, Jap grabbed the SUP again and went paddling for a while.

The next day was all about getting the car repaired. We had to drive an hour to the Opel dealer during which we tried to brake as little as possible, we could mainly drive on the highway and there was no traffic jam. The manager of the mechanics was waiting for us when we arrived, his English was very good and we immediately bonded because he also had a van that he used to regularly travel with. He also wanted to take a look inside, after which they started working. They came up with a diagnosis very quickly as it was quite obvious, the brake pads were very worn. Especially of the rear brakes, there was nothing left of the brake pads. We had already brought brake pads with us, especially for South America, but they came in handy now. Unfortunately, our brake disc was also quite worn because we were braking with iron-on iron with our rear brakes….oops. However, these were still usable, but they have to be replaced next time. We had prepared ourselves for a whole day in the garage and very high costs. But within half an hour we were outside again with new brake pads and “only” 102 euros lighter. We were both super relieved and very happy that we went straight to a garage to have it looked at. With our new brakes, we slowly drove back to the Finca. Where the waiting could begin.

Waiting for what you might be thinking, well the wait for Rianne and Enzio whom you should know from The Update #22. We traveled with them for 3 days and we clicked very well. Now they have decided to come and do a workaway with us at the Finca for at least the month of December. It is super nice to see them after such a long time, they finally arrived at the Finca around midnight. We exchanged experiences for a while and then went to bed quickly. The rest of the week we talked a lot with Rianne and Enzio and especially laughed a lot with each other. We worked together on various projects on the Finca and even had a vegetable planting day on Rianne and Enzio’s first working day. We immediately gave Rianne and Enzio a good introduction to the island by taking a walk together along Le Cathedral with a view of the Teide volcano. We also made an upgrade to Bob’s security with the locks that Rian and Enzio had brought us from NL.

We are excited to show Rianne and Enzio the island and go on fun adventures with them. It’s funny that sometimes you feel that you’ve known someone for a long time when it’s only a few days.

Lots of love,


Spendings of the Week

Budget per day €54 and per week €378 and per month €1700

What/WhereCost (€)
Eating out108

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