The Update #36 – Facelift

by Jasper and Lonneke
21 December 2021
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As we mentioned last time: the boss was away so the mice will play. Amanda was back in Germany for a long weekend so we had the whole place to ourselves. Because Jap and I had been in charge of the workawayers for a while, not much changed. But still, it was a funny feeling. We got a lot of projects that had been going on for a while finished, which was nice coming home for Amanda. We had given the current and very inefficient compost system a facelift and made two small roofs above the doors of the house, in addition, there was a change of tenants in the apartment so we had to say goodbye to the old guest, welcome the new one and make sure the apartment was completely ready again. Because this all went so well and smoothly, Amanda gave us an extra day off.

A few weeks ago we went to eat at a delicious fish restaurant together with Eva. Ever since we’ve been there, we’ve been talking about how good it was there. We wanted to test whether the restaurant was as good as we remembered or whether it was Eva’s company or perhaps the fact that she treated us… Enzio and Rianne were of course also very curious about this restaurant and they went with us. And whether it was because we were in good company again or because the restaurant was really good (we had to pay this time.. Unfortunately ..), we still don’t know, but it was delicious again. We slept again in the parking lot of the restaurant, played another game in the van, and relaxed on the lovely beach near the restaurant.

The next morning we individually made plans for the day but reunited in the evening. Jap and I took a lovely walk through the forest, going from the beach into the mountains. It was lovely in the forest and especially in the beginning, we kept talking about Sweden and our memories from there. But that’s also why we automatically talked about our upcoming travel plans. Because the corona situation is again seriously unstable and our plan to go to Morocco now also seems to be falling apart, we went back to the “drawing board” together. Because what are we going to do if we can’t go to Morocco? The plan was to stay on the Canary Islands until the end of February, then another 4-6 weeks in Morocco, and then home to get ready for shipment of Bob. But if we can’t go to Morocco, then what? We’re both a little tired of making backup plans. We soon concluded that if we can’t go to Morocco, but we can go to Canada, we’ll just make the crossing earlier. Although it will be a little earlier and thus may be cold, it is finally our first choice. And yes, we hear you ask yourself: “But what if Canada is closed again?” No idea…

Besides the good plans we made, we enjoyed the walk. We had lunch on the bus in the parking lot and drove to Garachico to have a drink on the terrace with Enzio and Rianne and to browse some souvenir shops. Then we drove on to our place to sleep in Buenavista del Norte. There was a German camper in the parking lot who literally had everything out of his camper and was cleaning everything excessively. We asked what was going on: fleas… Oops… They rented out their bus and got it back full of fleas…. We walked along the coast, enjoyed the view and made delicious Vietnamese spring rolls for dinner, and of course, played a game. We had slept on this parking lot before and then we discovered that there were lovely rock pools 2 steps away from where we slept. So we rolled out of bed the next morning, straight into these rockpools. The waves were high today and crashed into the rocks with an impressive sound and fountains of water, which gave it that little bit of extra jeu. When we first got in we said to each other that we wouldn’t go out all day, but unfortunately, the sun was hiding and we got cold as a result. The quartet then split up again, to visit each other again in the evening. Jap and I had lunch at Tierra, a vegetarian lunch place, and then went on a hunt for a facelift for Bob. We wanted to investigate whether it would be affordable to paint the bottom half of Bob a different color. We had found on the internet that you can do this with graffiti spray cans, but with car paint. We thought this would be super cool. We first went to a garage that specializes in spraying cars and asked what it would cost if they did it for us, it would be 700 euros, not too expensive but definitely above budget. Then we drove on to a shop that was specialized in doing it yourself. It was very difficult to communicate with them but we came to the conclusion that they advise against doing it yourself without experience and it would still start at 200 euros. Even when we were there, we looked at each other and shook our heads to each other anyway. Nope, if it happens then Bob must be more beautiful, we doubted too much whether that would work and it is just too expensive and too permanent to just try it out. We did buy stuff to pamper Bob at least a bit… new motor oil. How that ends is something for another story.

Lots of love,

Lon and Jap

Spendings of the Week

Budget per day €54 and per week €378 and per month €1700

What/WhereCost (€)
Eating out81,95

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