The Update #39 – Unexpected Ending

by Jasper and Lonneke
11 January 2022
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The past week, in contrast to the week before, was a quiet one. The end of our stay at the Finca was approaching and it was, therefore, time for us to finish a few last things before we would continue traveling again. We had made a to-do list before we arrived at the Finca and we have not been able to complete it until now.

One of the things we still wanted to finish was our third film, the film about our journey South. Lon has worked very hard and at the moment I am writing this, the film is finished. We are working on putting it online for you so you can watch this film again soon. In addition, we gave the plastic bumpers of the car a good polish, so that they also look nice and black again. However, we also spent a whole day arranging and booking something really exciting. We have completed the boat tickets for Bob, Seabridge has sent the confirmation and on March 10, 2022, Bob will board the boat towards Halifax where he will arrive on March 21, 2022. But we have also booked plane tickets for ourselves to Toronto on March 10, 2022. We were a bit stressed about booking this because this year has taught us that nothing is certain until the last minute. But the prices would quickly go up and with the possibility to change the departure date, we dared to book. It’s really weird that we’re going to be in Toronto in 2 months and that, hopefully, we can start our dream trip. It’s something we’ve been living for so long now, but we can’t give in to the feeling that it’s going to happen yet. We probably won’t believe it until we’re on the plane that it’s going to happen. They are all steps in the right direction and we are super happy that we are finally taking these steps. By the way, another funny detail, Jap once again had a little Jaspertje when booking the boat for Bob. He had entered, he thought, that Bob would leave March 24, but the form showed the date that the boat will arrive. So now the boat leaves 2 weeks earlier than we thought, a classic. But we are not complaining and like to leave two weeks early. It certainly won’t be hot in Canada, but after all the hot days here in Tenerife, we hopefully have enough sun stored in our skin to handle those low temperatures. Oh and the reason we fly to Toronto and not directly to Halifax is mainly because of the costs. We’ll probably hitchhike to Halifax after exploring Toronto. Because at the same time that Bob is going to leave on the boat we are flying, this to prevent the change of that Bob arrives in Canada and that we are stuck in the Netherlands. So we don’t have a Bob in Canada for two weeks.

In addition to arranging things, we also just worked on the Finca and after work, we made a nice walk near Los Gigantes to a large hole in the rocks. The walk was not very well marked and was therefore not one of the nicest, but the view at the end was more than worth it. And of course, we deserved a nice pizza afterward. We also went on a date together to a Thai restaurant, where we spent some time together again.

On Saturday, almost a week earlier than planned, our Finca adventure also came to an abrupt end. Unfortunately, our host at the Finca turned out to have Covid, so we decided, together with Rianne and Enzio, to leave that day. It wasn’t the end on the Finca we had in mind. We would have liked to finish some projects and say goodbye in a different way to the place where we spent the past 3.5 months. But after 3.5 months it was time for us to continue, it was enough. After collecting all the stuff, doing the last laundry, and getting the camper ready for camping again, we started looking for a nice place to spend the next few days. But not without Panda having spent another half hour in our front seat in protest. We will spend the next few days with Rianne and Enzio until we leave for Fuerteventura on January 15th.

Lots of love,

Lon and Jap

Spendings of the Week

Budget per day €54 and per week €378 and per month €1700

What/WhereCost (€)
Eating out64,50

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