The Update #50 – Adventure On

by Jasper and Lonneke
13 April 2022
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Time is flying by here in villa Villekulla. We love it here and time is flying by. There are a lot of things that we can help the family with, so we could easily spend another 6 months here to get the place organized, there is so much that can be done. But this week we have made big progress for them. 

One of the biggest tasks of the week was cleaning out the lower part of the barn. When the family moved in a year ago, there was still stuff in the barn from the previous owners, however, a lot of friends helped them move, and Emma was directing the stuff to either the barn or the house. Most of the stuff ended up in the barn as it was impossible to fit everything into the house and it was impossible to organize everything in the barn immediately with busy family life. But one year later most of the stuff still doesn’t have its own space, causing all the stuff to pill up to… what it is now. Or was. It almost felt like an impossible task…But slowly but steadily we made progress, by literally taking everything in hand one by one and thinking of the categorize we could put it in, we worked our way through most of the stuff and tried to create order in this chaos.

We also helped to reorganize the kitchen so that Patrick could install the dishwasher and we continued to finish the room we stay in, which mainly entailed painting. Also Jap dug a whole of 2 meters deep for nothing in the search for the municipal sewer line, it wasn’t entirely clear where that line would run and after a good attempt to find it, Patrick instructed jap that he could give up this hopeless mission. Lon has repaired a lot behind the sewing machine and took training the dog as one of her main tasks. The dog shows amazing improvements which were very rewarding. Jap has made a lot of sourdough bread and learned the family how to bake it. 

It sounds like we are doing only hard work, which is right, but we do a lot of fun things besides the work. We both started to do more handcrafts, Lon started crocheting with the help of Emma and Jap started whitling with the help of Patrick. Lon is making a big blanket and Jap already made a bear and a gnome out of wood. We also did a movie night with take-out pizza and went into town to explore. For jap we arranged a lot of things so that he can pick up Bob and we did a movie night with popcorn with the family. Also, jap and I went on an adventure together in search of another waterfall. 

I call it an adventure because the moment we were on the trail we discovered that the water in the river reach so high due to the melting snow that the path was flooded. We doubted for a long time if we should continue and go on an adventure looking for our path to the falls. It was only 700 meters to the waterfall from the parking lot, so it shouldn’t be that difficult. The adventure called us, we leaped and went on our way to the falls. Finding the route was quite complicated due to all the rainfall and melting snow, there was a lot of Mudd and it was very slippery. But soon we found another alternative route that more people used, which was easy to find due to the mud and after that, we could even walk parts of the official route…hmm walking. I wouldn’t call it actual walking because sometimes we needed to crawl from tree to tree not to slip into the river, haha it must have looked super funny. But in the end, it was worth it as the falls were really beautiful. 

Later in the week we also went on another adventure, we walked part of the Bruce Trail together with the family. Patrick knows the area pretty well because he lived close by as a child. Along the way we had beautiful views, however, the family turned around pretty quickly because Nellie the 2.5-year-old was a real 2 year old. Jap and I decided to continue walking since we were with two cars anyway, however, the weather changed quickly thereafter and it started snowing and you couldn’t see much from the views anymore. Emma already told us that a snowstorm was predicted for the evening, which caused some uneasy feelings for both of us. I mean what is a snowstorm really, we have no real experience with this kind of weather and so how serious do we need to take this. We needed to drive a small section of dirt road with some snow on it, which was a bit scratchy already. Patrick tried it first and worked out fine, but with snow adding … Maybe it is best not to hang around in the forest for another hour, we didn’t want to risk it. And we couldn’t see any views anyway with this snow, so we listened to our instinct and played it save. We want back home. 

So that was it, a small look into our lives with the family.

One more week and we will start an adventure of a whole other level. We cannot wait!

Till the next!

Lots of love,

Jap and Lon

Spendings of the Week

Budget per day €54 and per week €378 and per month €1700

What/WhereCost [CAD(€)*]
Eating out28,53 (€ 20,86)
Other132,57 (€ 96,92)
Total161,10 (€ 117,78)
* 1 CAD = € 0,7311

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